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Tandy Trower, Founder & CEO

Tandy Trower has been a leader in the creation, marketing, and deployment of a wide variety of consumer and business products, as well as operating systems and developer tools for over 30 years. At Microsoft, Trower managed a wide variety of new initiatives and products that include the company's programming languages, the first releases of Windows, applications for the Apple Macintosh, as well as hardware products and games and educational software products. He also established Microsoft’s first usability labs and user-interface design services organization. In more recent years, he served as the founder and General Manager of the Microsoft Robotics group that created Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio.







Pavel Khijniak, Chief Robotics Engineer

Mr. Khijniak graduated from Moscow State University with a Masters degree in Bio-physics. He has over 10 years of development experience in the software industry, including at Microsoft, where he worked on Microsoft Windows and new advanced technology projects in concurrency and robotics. He serves as Hoaloha Robotics' chief architect of hardware and software, including robot design and engineering, human-robot interaction and application services.